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The hoe - cultivator JTP-92

The hoe - cultivator JTP-92 is a universal and a very practical manual device designed particularly for gardening and cultivating small plantations of economic plants.

This machine may come in handy for row-crop works. The manual hoe - cultivator in a shape proposed by the producer has got, as one of its parts, a wheel of large diameter(2 versions). The frame, which is composed of 3 coulters or 2 cutting knives and 2 plough handles supported by a crossbar, is attached to the wheel.

A lateral surface of the frame is equipped with some openings, the purpose of which is to regulate the depth at which cutting knives or coulters operate. The frame itself contains openings, which regulate the width of the row-crops worked on.

Technical characteristics :
One row working type - manual

Measures :
-width- 64 cm
-length/td> - 130 cm
-height - 100 cm

Total weight :- 10,4 kg

Operating width :
- as a hoe - min.26 cm
- max 38 cm
- as a cultivator - min.20 cm
- max 30 cm

Operating depth :
- as a hoe - 2-6 cm
- as a cultivator - do 6 cm

Operating efficiency :
- as a hoe - 0,045 ha/h
- as a cultivator - 0,041 ha/h

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