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Sowing machines
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The sowing machine TP-92/P

The sowing machine TP-92/P, used in gardening, has been designed to meet the needs of efficient sowing process of the most popular vegetables. The undeniable advantage of this device is its plainness and the simplicity of usage. Another virtue is a special construction of the sowing apparatus created in such a way as to prevent any damage of seeds.

This machine enables sowing in rows; drilling (seeds are placed in soil in a running manner) and cluster sowing (seeds are placed in soil in a specified distance - dependent on a type of a dividing plate that is used.

Technical characteristics:
One row sowing type
manual; wheelborrowlike

Gabarit measures :
Length -1385 mm
Width -535 mm
Weight -13,5 kg
Diameter of the front wheel -345 mm
Diameter of the pressing wheel -175 mm
Capacity of the seed box -2,5 dm3
Type of transmission -belt transmission
-chain transmission
Type of the sowing apparatus -brushlike
Number of dividing plates -1

Theoretical distances between seeds in cluster sowing :
-When using a dividing plate with 1 distribution outlet-108 cm
-When using a dividing plate with 2 distribution outlets-54 cm
-When using a dividing plate with 3 distribution outlets-36 cm
-When using a dividing plate with 4 distribution outlets -27 cm
-When using a dividing plate with 6 distribution outlets -18 cm
-When using a dividing plate with 12 distribution outlets -9 cm
Maximal width between rows -45 cm
Maximal depth of sowing - 5 cm

This machine is appropriate for sowing seeds of the following vegetables:
- onion
- carrot
- spinach
- radish
- cucumber
- beetroot
- bean
- pea
- corn

A set of sowing - machines can be fixed to a tractor when large areas are cultivated. The profiles are welded together to form a frame consisting of two cylinders, a bench for an operator and a steering wheel.

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