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The Z.P.H. Pogoda Janusz company from Mielec was established in 1968 as a family business and has continued as such since then.
Initially the company was orientated towards production of certain parts of machines and sub-assemblies for the automotive industry. It specialized in manufacturing blanking dies, stencils, patterns and press-forming dies which were necessary to ensure and maintain high quality and repeatability of the production process.

Factors of many types have accelerated the development of the company making it, at the same time, adjust to changing market demands. As a result, year after year new products have been introduced, examples being: manual machines used in farming for sowing and cultivation of plants, devices for cleaving wood used for fireplaces.

Constantly modernized machinery of the factory lets satisfy needs of the most demanding clients both Polish and foreign. Updated machines enable the company to keep up with emerging technologies and innovative products, some of them being: test equipment for connectors, sockets for connectors and spare parts for highly specialized machines used in the production process of electric wires for cars.

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